If an employee or contractor has to follow the instructions of a (foreign) client then you can be seen as material employer. To prevent that you will have to take care of the payroll, it is important that the foreign employer arranges the payroll administration locally and makes sure that every month the right amount of wage tax and premiums for the social security are withheld and paid. This is also applicable to individual contractors. If a foreign company doesn't follow the local rules the client for whom the employees are working can be held liable for the wage tax debt, premiums social security and possible fines. This can lead to serious consequences. Inception ITD can handle the payroll for you through our payrolling service.


When you form your own company in a specific region you can take-on the person we have been payrolling for you.


No need to hire sales people on a contractor basis or form your own legal entities.  


When we find the right person you can also payroll him/her through our recruitment service.