Since being founded in 2005, Link11 GmbH has developed into one the leading German specialist suppliers for DDoS protection solutions. The high-performance Link11 DDoS Protection Cloud offers intelligent and reliable protection – made in Germany. Customers include leading e-commerce, finance and insurance companies. As an official partner of national and international professional associations and institutions, Link11 is actively engaged in issues related to IT security, internet technology and the e-commerce industry.  For its innovative DDoS protection solution Link11 has been awarded three years in a row. 2014’s “Hosting & Service Provider Award” and “ZETA-Award” reflect that the solution is particularly efficient and future-oriented.

DDoS Protection

The DNS Protection is a cost-efficient solution especially designed to protect a company‘s web applications. The solution requires no extra server infrastructure, additional bandwidth or new router technology. All traffic will be routed to the Link11 filter center. Therefor, the DNS A record entries of the affected application are adapted.

In the first stage, all unwanted traffic types are filtered out by the DDoS filter cluster, based on customer specifications. Signature-based detection uses more than 100 validation features to protect against known Layer 2 and Layer 3 attacks. Customized configurability ensures a low rate of false positives.

After analyzing, the DDoS requests are blocked or sent to a customized Captcha site and only legitimate users are forwarded to the server. This protects the server against all DDoS attacks while giving all legitimate users access as normal.


The BGP protection provides comprehensive protection of the entire enterprise network. This solution requires a /24 (class C) or larger IP network for rerouting.

Link11’s DDoS protection via BGP can be used in a hot-standby variant and maintain the normal data flow as long as there is no attack. In the event of an attack, the data transfer is routed over the Link11 filter center. With the standby integration, both the customer and the Link11 security team can initiate in the case of an attack immediate protection by the announcement of the network. The filtered data packets are transmitted to the filter center through an encrypted tunnel (VPN, IPsec, GRE). After the DDoS attack is successfully repelled, the data transfer is rerouted back to its original route.

If the Link11 monitoring is added, the flow data of the local routers will be analyzed to determine when the Link11 protection should be automatically activated in the event of an attack

Hosting Solutions

Professional hosting solutions from Link11 put your ideas and business models online. Link11 offers intelligent server solutions and adapts them to your individual business needs. Choose from single rack units, cages or suites.

Link11 hosting solutions guarantee professional server maintenance and 24/7 monitoring as well as best performance and connectivity. The high availability and excellent service levels are complemented by high data transfer rates. They are guaranteed by fast and redundant fiber-optic connections.


Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The CDN from Link11 brings your content fast and reliable to the regions where you do not have an own infrastructure. The local servers of Link11 are connected to the most important internet nodes and ISPs in each country and keep cacheable content such as video, graphics and text ready. Link11 CDN distributes content fast, reliable and secure to your end-users. The Link11 CDN solutions are designed and built as needed. The architecture of the CDN allows to add CDN nodes per customer request within very short time. As your needs grow, it is very easy to adapt the services.