PhishLine was launched in 2011 to help Information Security Professionals meet and overcome the increasing challenges associated with social engineering and phishing. PhishLine was met with instant praise throughout the Information Security Community and is now positioned to become the industry’s leading Social Engineering Management Platform. Enterprise level customers within the Fortune 100 and the Dow Jones Industrial index have selected PhishLine as their Platform of choice. PhishLine has brought a powerful blend of risk-based objectivity and difference making metrics to the user level.


Our customers need to reduce the chance of social engineering attacks being successful, have an obligation to assess risk across their company, and must measure the effectiveness of their risk reduction efforts.  PhishLine can test across email, SMS, voice, and portable media platforms. Measuring risk across a more granular set of user attributes will let you target the right training and right threat mitigation strategies to the individual groups who need them. Why do our customers select PhishLine for their Security Awareness Computer Based Training needs?


Our rich features allow you to go beyond a simple "who clicked" phishing campaign. Advanced campaign management allows you to target specific employee groups, languages, geographic areas, time zones, scheduling factors, or other attributes by simply setting filters within the campaign scheduling interface.


Our patented highly variable campaign system allows you to mock-phish like a real attacker. A|B testing allows you to determine the types of phishing campaigns your employees are the most susceptible to, allowing you to tailor your education programs. The use of highly variable campaigns also helps you train your users to recognize real-world phishing techniques instead of just identifying a handful of mock-phishing templates.


Our Technical Profiling Engines can report browser information and our patented Technical Vulnerability Profiling System establishes an educational picture of known software vulnerabilities based on the software profile of a user's machine once they have clicked on a link. This information can help you secure your network from the back end, providing an added value to your phishing campaign.


Reporting services are focused on providing you with the information you need when you need it, in the formats you want to view it in. Our system automatically generates easy to understand metrics and graphs. Reporting can be as simple as looking up data online in the middle of a mock-phishing campaign or as detailed as a breakout of all participant's training results sorted by manager. Our customized Report Generators help you develop more sophisticated or recurring reports. With over 15,000 data points available, the system is ready to report on what is most meaningful to your business.


Any tool is only as good as its support, and at PhishLine, we've got you covered. From customer consultants to engineers, from content developers to sales professionals, and including our vendor partners, the PhishLine team is here to make your experience with us a success.